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Employee Transportation Management Service

In despair about the fleet management? Frustrated about the failed strategies? Do not worry about the employee transportation management service. TrackcompanyBus has the perfect solution.

We have created a Employee transport management system. which has the power to solve all your vehicle management related issues with in no time. Our services will equip a company to manage their fleet effectively and efficiently. Despite of our transportation management system we have exclusive apps which acts as the interferface for employees, managers as well as the drivers. What this app does is enabling its users to embrace cutting edge technology that can change the face of your business forever.

What are our services?

Fleet Management System: Can be used by managers, drivers as well as employees for their respective duties in the fleet business.

Features of the system includes,

  • Has the ability to choose best routes for a trip
  • Stops can be scheduled so that uncharted stops will be informed as notification
  • Adverse weather condition, as well as road conditions, will be notified in advance
  • Live cam feed of the entire truck from different angles can be availed through the app
  • Entire details about the trip in visualized form will be at the disposal of the driver
  • If the speed of the truck exceeds beyond the limit, the driver will be notified in a way that he will be persuaded slow down
  • Location of the employees who are inside the truck can be tracked anytime from anywhere
  • A section for communication between employees as well as owner of the business
  • Managers can run the fleet with absolute efficiency by planning and re-planning routes, monitoring vehicle condition, approval of pickup point and delivery point etc. with ease
  • If the vehicle is approaching the departure point employees will be alerted in advance so that they can make necessary arrangement to get the vehicle for service and prepare for the next trip
  • Payment details and payment options regarding a trip can be viewed and done through the system
  • Company announcement will be delivered to the employees in digital format through the system
  • The system has the ability to integrate with smart cards

Assured benefits after the installation of TrackCompanyBus

  • Complete digitization and automation of data
  • Increased efficiency
  • Relief from tensions caused by unnecessary confusions
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved fleet management
  • Improved Fuel Management
  • Profit increase
  • Digitized fleet reports
  • Advanced alerts
  • Improved dispatching
  • Improved time management
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Proper notification about maintenance and service
  • Higher productivity and job completion rate
  • Increased driver and vehicle safety
  • Assured ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Easier route planning
  • Optimized resources
  • Reduced insurance costs

Why TrackCompanyBus?

  • An experienced, highly skilled team at customers disposal for support
  • Although this is a new product we have similar products successfully deployed in various sectors with excellent customer testimonials
  • Our track records speaks bolder than the words
  • Installation will be quick and the system will be functional within no time
  • Customer support for our products will be impeccable
  • More than 6 years of experience in GPS enabled tracking and monitoring system
  • Assured product satisfaction as the system has been tested in varied condition multiple times
  • Assured productivity, efficiency improvement and reduction in expenditures
  • Demo of the entire system will be available upon request

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