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TrackCompanyBus Features

Employee Transportation Management Made Easy!

The TrackCompanyBus system ensures it covers all bases for optimal performance of your enterprise fleet. Let us take a look at the smart features of this intelligent transportation system.

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Apps for Every User

Specific apps are designed for Transport Managers, Drivers, Attendants, and Employees to suit their unique needs, making it simple and easy to operate on-the-go.

Employee access and tracking

Employees can be tracked in real time from office to home and vice versa to ensure safety and security. Each employee can also view these details.


Various notifications such as company bus arrival, departure and more are available to enable and enhance communication with the employees. In addition, notification regarding public holidays or events can also be send in bulk.

Plug and play

Devices can be enabled and disabled within the system according to the requirements of a company.

Transportation charge management

This feature is applicable only if the company needs it, and it helps the employees to pay the transportation fare, and the transport manager can check the payment of each employee.

Leave updating

Through this feature, employees can apply leave, authorities can manage and approve employee leaves.

Vehicle expense management

Using this feature, vehicle expenses for purchase of accessory, spare parts, maintenance and fuel is kept track of, helping to manage them efficiently.

Safe driver ranking system

Drivers of company vehicles will be ranked on the basis of factors such as vehicle over speeding.

Configuration Checker

With this feature, you will be able to obtain details regarding various system configurations. This is useful for beginners as they can check the missed details.

Data optimizer

Unwanted data can be identified through configuration checker and removed.

Communication facility

Employees are able to have private messaging system through apps.And, thus have enhanced communication with the transportation authorities.


Through the system, you are able to obtain reports on historical movement, trip activity, users' activity, and mobile app usage.

Third party hardware integration

The system is open to integrate with any 3rd party hardware as per the suggestion of clients.

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