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Employee App

Employee Transportation Management Made Easy!

For employees, especially working women, there are a number of safety threats. To help avoid such situations and improve chances of getting help, the TrackCompanyBus employee app would be a great aide.

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Instant notification

Employees are able to obtain instant notification especially the vehicle is approaching their pick up point location. Apart from this, they attain notifications indicating the status, location, live movements of vehicles, transportation oriented notifications (includes pick up point change, shift change, route change, vehicle change, etc.), organizational events, holidays, and vacations.

Data verification

Data verification feature enables the employees to crosscheck the details such as pick up details, route details, vehicle details, and driver information. In addition to this, they can also check the transportation admin's details.

View bus fare details

Payment of bus fare usually involves complicated procedures. But with our employee app, employees can view the bus fare details if the organization is charging for transportation.


Employees are able to view all public announcements through mobile app. The announcements. Through announcement feature, employees can receive important messages from organisational authorities.

Apply leave

All the complications related to applying leave can be avoided. Using the app, employees can apply transportation leave, whenever they desire without contacting drivers needlessly.

Communication facility

This feature enables the employees to have enhanced communication with the authorities. Employees can relish private chatting facility with transport managers or other employees, such as driver and bus attendant.

View smart card transaction

If the organization employ smart card solutions for canteen, cafeteria, store, etc., then employees can view their smart card transaction via their app. The employees can top up their smart card, whenever they need.

Other details

Employees can receive details on Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and Estimated Distance (ED). With these details, employees are able to obtain enhanced transportation in terms of safety and security.