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Company Transport Manager App

Reduce Confusion, Increase Efficiency!

Transport managers at enterprises find it difficult to coordinate their fleet, especially if there are multiple shifts involved. The Company Transport Manager App makes this a far easier job

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Employee Tracking

Transport managers can track employees anytime from anywhere. The location of the vehicle and employees can be tracked right away.

Trip scheduling

Trip scheduling became a facile task now. With the app, a transport manager can create, designate and update new pickup points efficiently without much complication.

Improved communication

Today, transport managers are able to have a good rapport with drivers as they obtain sound output by connecting their mobile device with speakers.

Stay vigilant

There are several in-built alerts for heavy traffic, accidents, adverse weather conditions, unscheduled trips, etc. Henceforth, transport managers can stay vigilant and take quick decisions as the situation demands.

Efficient employee and vehicle management

Transport managers can manage vehicles and employees efficiently. Tasks such as creation of new routes, vehicle monitoring, examining the device health, approval of pick up point request, etc. can be performed comfortably.