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Company Driver Console app

For Smarter Bus Management On-The-Go!

There are a number of things that a company driver has to do for ensuring employee transportation safety. The company driver console app ensures these tasks are easy to manage for the driver.

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Navigation planning

Drivers can plan each trip with their console. They can decide the routes, number of stops in each trip, etc. From the app, the shortest and optimum route can be chosen and plan routes accordingly.

Oversee vehicle speed

Whenever the vehicle exceeds speed limit, the driver will receive alerts via their console. With these details, driver ranking system can be updated and recognize the unsafe driving practice.

Live cam-feed

Using the console, drivers can view the live cam-feed without leaving the driver seat. Drivers are not only able to save their valuable time but also enhance safety and convenience.

View trip details

Through the console, drivers are able to view complete trip details, including the chosen route for pickup and drop, list of employees boarding and descending the vehicle, attendance and leave details of employees, notifications sent by transport managers. Nevertheless, audio messages can be received by connecting the device to bus audio system.

Pickup point optimization

With the help of driver console app, the exact pickup and drop point can be updated almost instantly. Sometimes, the pickup points may change as there is only single person in a bus stop. Modification can be further done according to the user's wish.

Instant announcements

Announcements of authorities can be obtained via a driver console app. At times, drivers are able to receive guidance and support from the relevant authorities for avoiding possible dangers.