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Trackcompanybus Solutions

Real-time GPS Tracking

Track your employee transportation in real time from your mobile or desktop and also receive timely notifications.

Speed Limit & Other Alerts

You will get alerts if and when a vehicle from your fleet crosses the speed limit, for excessive idling, deviating off route, etc.

User Profiles & Apps

The TrackCompanyBus advanced GPS vehicle tracking system has multiple profiles with exclusive features for Drivers, Transport Managers, Employees, etc.


All TrackCompanyBus employee tracking solutions are finalised after rigorous trials to ensure they are user-friendly.

Wide Hardware Compatibility

You can choose from a wide range of hardware to go with the employee tracking software offering you more options in features and pricing.

Smart Reports

Various reports can be generated for more efficient fleet management including unique data and insights on vehicle health, driver standards, etc.

Integrated with Artificial Intelligence

Auto Allocation

Efficiency is the key to save cost. Built-in AI helps in automatic allocation of vehicles with respect to the number of employees that need to be transported.

Auto Optimization

The system has the ability to optimize its route to the changes that have happened recently in the pickup and drop off point.

Auto Routing

Using smart Auto routing algorithm the system will generate its own optimized route with the existing route data that has been collected over the course of time.

How TrackCompanyBus Helps Your Business

Employee Safety

TCB employee transport management system aids you in employee safety (especially women) from the starting point to the destination

Transport Manager Convenience

The TCB fleet management solution effectively helps manage Routing, allocation and fleet management, which can be quite chaotic for transport managers

Emergency Management

Manage challenging emergency situations such as accidents, hijacking, adverse weather conditions, effectively with available real-time data quickly and efficiently

Fuel and Maintenance Expenses

There are a number of features that help you track fuel and maintenance expenses as well as data to increase fuel efficiency and maintenance

Simplify Management with Apps

Makes it easy to notify and update details to different users anytime from anywhere. Employees can also update details such as leaves, pickup/drop point changes, etc

Monitor Driver Performance

With data over time, the performance of drivers is rated. These details will help you take actions to ensure better performance of drivers

Our Apps

Our Employee transportation system is integrated with mobile apps to ensure maximum security and user experience. Employees, managers, and drivers will have separate apps and can access a variety of features like real-time tracking, SOS alert, route map notifications etc.

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